Remove your SHIFTPOD from the bag.  Carefully, set the skinny end down on the ground in the middle of the area where your SHIFTPOD will land. Hold the top (fat end) and unclip the strap. Let it fall open.

Make sure you see the “Silver Flower”. Then you are ready to move to the next step.


Unzip the door, step inside the SHIFTPOD and push the roof hub up until it snaps into place.

Once the roof is popped open then, while holding the roof up push the walls out or have friends pull the wall hubs out until they snap open.

Pop all of the walls open.


Once all the walls are popped out you are ready to secure the SHIFTPOD to the ground.  Clip the QUICK-ZIPS onto the hub eyelets.

Pound the stakes flush into the ground, or add some bright/reflective tape so people don’t trip on them! It helps to clip in before you hammer the stakes all the way in. Clip the QUICK-ZIP onto the stake and tighten.


Time to enjoy your SHIFTPOD! Load up all your gear and settle in for a good time!

To tear down and pack out, follow these steps in reverse order. Leave the doors open to help let the air out when packing up.

Always remember: If you packed it in, pack it out. SHIFTPODs are designed to be MOOP and litter free, but you alone are responsible for your trash. If you find yourself in Black Rock City or any other part of nature, always remember to leave your area in better condition than how you found it.